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Bethel Funerals:

Message helper

The backstory

Writing a sympathy message for a loved one going through grief can be a challenging task. We may not feel we have the right words to convey how we feel, or we may fear we will say something insensitive. Through this challenge we created the idea of a sympathy message creator to help make this task a little easier for visitors to the Bethel Funerals’ website.

UX Challenges

  • The ability to select a style of sympathy message and copy options to reflect the user’s choices.

  • Collate all selected options into an editable message template that the user can review and personalise.

  • In order to cater for the baby boomer + target market, the user interactions were required to be seamless, as well as hold extra explanations to ensure ultimate clarity when using the technology.

  • Certain sections needed to allow for multiple selections and review.

  • The ability to send the message to an external recipient as well as the creator to be able to download and print out the message incase it was to be delivered in person was required.  

UX Solutions

  • Directions were added to each screen so the user was clearly explained what to do and the next steps.

  • We resolved that full selections of clickable shapes was preferred instead of a checkbox system because it would be more visible to the user.

  • We kept the flow short so the message generation wouldn’t be an ordeal and it would be an easy solution for the users.

Web/UI Design

The design followed the look and feel of the Bethel Funerals’ style guide. We wanted to keep it as simple as possible whilst still appealing. The grey wattle, a signature icon of Bethel Funerals, was edited to be the subtle background of each section throughout the message simulator. 

Each message background option was designed to suit the range of message styles and to be applicable for different personalities and achieve a personalised, heartfelt and helpful message.


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