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Luna Andreux

Design Coach & Leader, Product Designer, Creative Problem Solver, Illustrator and Storyteller

Passionate about growing teams and capabilities with empathy, bringing diversity and inclusion to the forefront and celebrating differences, uniqueness and creative thinking. 



  • Driven Human Centered Design and UX awareness within workplaces 

  • Championed Diversity, Belonging and Inclusion Initiatives within Servian

  • Started, grew and established the  Design and Team within Servian Melbourne and Brisbane

  • Servian + Contino Movember 2022 Panelist 

  • Consulting with Executive Dysfunction - Toastmasters International Speech Contest - 1st place Club level / 2nd Place  Area level

Facilitations & Publications

  • RUOK Servian + Isobar Mental Health Journaling Workshop

  • Design Thinking 2-day Bootcamp

  • Dashboard Design: Girls in Tech - Workshop Facilitation

  • Consulting with Executive Dysfunction - Medium Article

Work Experience

Senior Design Consultant


Melbourne, AU / remote

Jun 2022 - Present

Design Team Lead, Product Designer, Mentor, Engagement Lead, Pre-Sales & Sales Activities, and Resourcing Management.  

Growing at a fast pace, my goal was always to make way and pave the road for our team to have a better experience. I revamped our team’s confluence to be user-focused, and serve as a source of truth for the whole company. This was aimed at a set of different personas: Executives, Sales, Talent Acquisition, Internal Initiatives, Brand Care and New Starters, all of whom would get information pertinent to their goals or role. One of my proudest achievements is to have created and lead a Diversity, Belonging and Inclusion Guild since there was none prior. Driving these values is most important to me and I got validation at every corner. 


Highlights: Created Design Practice Documentation and Confluence page, Created and lead a Diversity, Belonging and Inclusion Guild, Started 1-on-1 sessions with each individual Design team member to make sure to help them through their growth path.   

Design Consultant


Melbourne, AU / remote

Dec 2020 - Jun 2022

Design Team Lead, Product Designer, Mentor, Engagement Lead, and Pre-Sales Activities. 

Being a consultant kept me on my toes, there was always something new to learn or create. During this year and a half, we tripled our team size, created more frameworks and templates for better efficiency, and established our onboarding and ongoing growth processes. As I am very passionate about making work a great place I made it my mission to create a safe environment for our team to bond, grow and help each other. I usually refer to us as the “Siblinghood of travelling designers” as we became the support leaders for three regions in Australia.  During this time I had the chance to work on some fantastic projects that were not UI-centric. We developed a framework for Conversation Design, I had my first experience running Change Management activities as well as creating Service Blueprints to help have an overall view of the processes being used. I also dove into working with data, creating compelling and useful dashboards that aligned with the story the users needed to be reported on. 


Highlights: Ubank ChatBot Conversation Design, Prudential New-Product Change Management, Bluescope Dashboards for various teams, Bluescope Pricing Process Service Blueprints, Took Support Lead roles to allow Juniors to learn in a safe environment.    

Design Associate Consultant


Melbourne, AU / remote

Oct 2019 - Dec 2020

Product Designer, Pre-Sales Activities. 

I walked into Servian being the first Melbourne Design Consultant, which meant I was in for a challenge (or two): being a consultant in a tech company, and creating awareness about design for my new team. During this first year, I created a process for my fellow Servianites to request help and have transparency over prioritisation, deadlines and feasibility. I also started to grow our team by bringing along my partner in lead. Establishing internal networking, pre-sales and brand care was only our secondary role, client engagements being our main one, occupied most of our time. Servian being data focused, gave me exposure to interesting and complex systems to design for and a wide array of industries to work with. 


Highlights: Melbourne Design Team first processes establishment, Department of Transport RTDMS (Real Time Device Monitoring System) Product Design, DHHS Dashboard Product ideation and Design, and Became a Toastmasters Member 

Senior UI/UX Designer & Project Manager

Collab Agency

Melbourne, AU 

Nov 2015 - Feb 2018

Product Designer, Visual Designer, Project Manager, and Stakeholder Management. 

Very similar to my previous role, I started in Collab as a Digital and graphic designer. Being a marketing agency, the pace was fast and projects plentiful. Every other day we heard the phrase “wearing many hats”, and we were: being Designers, Project Managers, and Stakeholder Managers, all in one! 

It was in this role that I discovered UX, by accident, because I was implementing basic principles that made sense to me. Once I armed myself with a mentor (or two) I introduced the concept of UX to the Collab team and our processes.  


Highlights: RPR Hair Care UX/UI Design, AGLC: Lau Review Reference platform UX/UI Design, Bethel Funerals: Sympathy Message Creator UX/UI Design, Carrier Air (a Toshiba brand) Website Design 

Visual Designer & Project Manager


Melbourne, AU 

Mar 2015 - Aug 2018

Graphic Designer, Digital Designer, Illustrator and Project Manager

At the end of 2014, I saw myself wanting to expand my horizons, or better yet, borders! I quit my job and embarked on my biggest adventure yet: Australia. I started my role in Lightmedia as a freelancer creating some Concept Art, Character Design and Illustrations for an explainer video but ended up working there full time. 

During my time in Lightmedia, I expanded my experience and knowledge in Web Design, and project management for and collaborating with an overseas development team.   


Highlights: My first industry-related full-time job in Australia, 

Visual Designer & Illustrator


Buenos Aires, AR

Feb 2011 - Nov 2014

Digital Designer, Illustrator and Animator

As my first ever role after graduating from uni, I had the amazing opportunity of working in the eLearning industry. During those three years, I got to experience, design and animate a wide array of webinars and interactive courses. This was my first exposure to user interfaces and interaction design which, albeit basic, lead the way to what was going to be my career. 

In this role, I was able to work autonomously and dip my toes into stakeholder management, when I took on my project manager’s tasks while they were away. Not the last time I would take on new challenges. 


Highlights: MacDonald’s internal course Character and Interface Design, SEARS Customer Service Game Concept Art and Character Design 


Design Mentor


Sydney, AU / remote

Feb 2021 - 

Design Mentor


Melbourne, AU / remote

Feb 2023 - Present



Melbourne, AU / remote

Oct 2019 - Present


Graphic Design Advanced Diploma

DaVinci School of Art
& Digital Design

Buenos Aires, AR

Feb 2006 - Dec 2008


Leading with Empathy and Kindness - Design Mentoring - Creative Problem Solving - Diversity and Inclusion Advocate 

Neurodiverse inclusiveness - Accessibility - Clear and Inclusive Communication - Design Thinking - Human Centered Design - Product Design (UX - UI) - Visual Design - Graphic Design - Service Design - Graphic Novels and Picture books - Illustration and Manga - Languages - Doll making - Cats in general… I could go on, I have too many hobbies :)

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