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Hi I'm Luna

I'm a design team lead, mentor, creative problem solver, designer of products and illustrator passionate about all things kindness
About me

A process-driven, puzzle-lover creative with a hunger for new challenges and adventures!

Leading with Kindness

I believe in facing all things with kindness, empathy and purpose. By fostering strengths and celebrating uniqueness we can all create a safe space to grow, learn together and tackle goals.  

Design Mentor

Mentoring came as a surprise for me as well as it comes naturally. I enjoy helping others above all else and sharing my knowledge and experiences.  

Creative Problem Solver 

Problems are like puzzles to me, and as they are my favourite thing I approach them with giddiness and passion. I use different processes and create new ones, constantly iterating on them as new challenges arise. 

Diversity and Inclusion Advocate

I will always do my best to keep diversity and inclusion at the forefront, and to drive the feeling of belonging to the workplace and outside. 

About Me
I have worked with
Who I've worked with
Team Leadership & Support

I started in Servian as the first Melbourne Designer, as such I took the role of Lead and started growing the team only months into my starting date. Sydney had their team, now we needed one of our own!

When it comes to leadership, I focus on relationship building. Work is where we spend most of our time, and the people we work with are thus very important. In order to be able to set a good culture within the team, I set the tone of transparent communication, safe space and welcomed vulnerability.

The type of team I like to lead is one that works as its own support network, learns from and leans on one another!

​On top of that solid foundation, I was able to build, 

  • An onboarding process focused on tailored support depending on need and level, allowing new starters to ease into their roles.

  • Joining engagements as a lead to help more junior members navigate taking on more responsibility whilst having hands-on direction.

  • Design-specific career growth progression and hiring plan.

  • Mentoring sessions with the Team Leads to create a company-aligned growth plan leveraging strengths and passion pockets.

  • Resourcing management with a focus on growth opportunities, skill pairing and interest

Selected Highlights
Prudential  | 🔒NDA Protected 
Change Management

Coming out of getting a brand new solution to empower their developers to resolve tasks faster and more effectively, Prudential needed help incorporating this solution into their processes.


By following a lean Prosci approach we create streamlined change management activities. Where we defined success and measured a first focus group of BAU's current product knowledge maturity to inform the approach & plan. 

Based on that plan and success goal, I was able to:

  • Build team hype with internal marketing which included a friendly video from the company leads custom made for this purpose

  • Created purpose-built training course videos with hands-on exercises informed by testing and feedback sessions with selected BAU champions

  • Developed a suite of enablement documentation that included: Training for the Champions for them to teach other focus groups as well as maintenance processes for the Learning material, knowledge base and platform

Bluescope Steel  | 🔒NDA Protected 
Data & Service Blueprint Visualisation

Bluescope was looking to map and visualise a specific internal process, as well as uplift and extend reporting across a range of areas within the company.

We uncovered the process, refined and formed a current state, future state and intermediate state service blueprints. I then translated these complex processes, into fleshed-out visual maps to inform direction setting and change.

Based on the team’s needs I used rapid prototyping and a cross-functional team format to create usable and feasible dashboards that were implemented into PowerBi.

After several engagements and projects I was able to:

  • Deliver visually powerful current, intermediate and future state service blueprints

  • Take stakeholders into the journey of Co-Designing dashboards and the joys of working with Power Tools

  • Developed a suite of six dashboards for two different teams for them to measure value and impact within the company

Beyond Design
Beyond design

Facilitator & Tutor

Workshops are the most fun, pair that with some tutoring and you get a boot camp! Other than facilitating I love when people have a good time learning.

Public Speaker

Talking about things I'm passionate about? Yes, please! Sometimes I make speeches or a presentation, some other times, I join panels for good causes. 

Medium Enthusiast

I have been told I write like I speak, which I'm taking as a compliment. You will not find any essays here, you WILL find brain dumps and over-sharing fun.  


From a very young age I've drawn, illustrated, and made comic strips, comics, manga, fan art, you get the gist.
I still do, and I sometimes share it on my art instagram. 

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